The Mummy Diaries: pregnancy week 37

The Mummy Diaries: pregnancy week 37

by Emma Hargan
article from Monday 4, June, 2018

“I LOVE a good heatwave!” said NO pregnant women - EVER!

Under ‘normal’ circumstances, this fantastic spell of warm weather would be welcomed with open arms. I’d be taking Jamie walks and trips to the beach and generally playing and spending time outside. This week has been spent hiding indoors and standing in front of the open fridge door. If I could actually fit in - I would! 

The problem being as well that Jamie loves his food, and when I say loves it, I don’t think I’ve ever managed to fill him to the point that he is full! This means a complete screaming match every time I open the fridge, as Jamie thinks I’m going in for food. He has now got that crafty, that even when he’s not in the room and I try to cool down, he hears the door and makes a run for it. I’d just like to add at this point that I’m not trying to starve my son! He is most certainly well fed (as the public health pointed out) he just loves his grub. Ah the joys of it all!

Well, I now have my official date for my C-Section next week. Exciting stuff, but terrified at the same time. Even though I had a section the last time, it ended up being an emergency surgery so I had no time to think about it, plus being the first time around I think there is a certain element of “ignorance is bliss”. I’m being told by other mummies that a planned section is actually really nice and relaxed. I will go into hospital the evening before the surgery and get settled. Then the following morning, I will be told where I am in the ‘queue’ and can just chill until I have to go to theatre. That all sounds great on paper, but in reality, I know I will be running about like a headless chicken before I go into hospital; probably an emotional wreck at having to leave Jamie for a couple of days; not getting a wink of sleep as I’ll be freaking out at the following day’s surgery; and, panicking that all will go well and our wee one will be born safe and sound. Not quite the relaxing experience I would like but nonetheless, an experience it will be!

So, this week I have endless lists of ‘to do’ jobs. Not so much for me but James has definitely got his work cut out for him. I am now at the point where my bump is so big, that I need to lie down after carrying Jamie up the stairs to his cot. This results in a lot of sitting with my feet up making more lists, as my brain is going into overdrive with all the things that ‘HAVE’ to be done before the baby is born.

The other night when James arrived home from work, he couldn’t get into the house because the door was locked – to stop our little Steve McQueen from making another great escape! I opened the door and started rattling off that I needed all the rest of the baby furniture brought down from the attic to be cleaned, I needed the crib to be built and the gutters outside the house cleaned. Before I could take a breath, James replied, “Can I get in the front door first please, oh and I don’t think the baby will give a shit if the gutters aren’t cleaned once you get home from the hospital!” It was another one of those moments where I had to yet again, ‘have a word with myself’ and remove ‘build a patio, a shed and decking off’ one of my lists before James lost the plot!

At this stage, sleeping (or lack of it) has now become an issue. Not because I don’t want to sleep but because it’s now so uncomfortable, and I have so many pillows, I’m surprised James can actually fit in the bed. I have four pillows behind me so I’m practically sleeping upright, one under my legs and one each on either side of the bump. After over-analysing what I didn’t get done that day and making yet another mental list of jobs to do in my head, I eventually fall asleep. Well, at least for 10 minutes before I have to roll out of bed to make one of the many toilet trips throughout the night. The process then starts all over again, until I hear Jamie looking to start his day.

Last night I said to my husband, “I can’t believe it’s nearly the end, that nine months flew in.” James replied, “Really?? It’s been the longest nine months of my life with all the jobs I’ve had to do, having a new-born will seem like a walk in the park. It’s just your hormones again pet.” I tactfully suggested that he spend the night in the spare room again! 

The upshot this week – backaches, indigestion, swollen ankles, Braxton Hicks contractions, little sleep, bladder pressure, stretch marks, mood swings and painful kicks. I am nearing the end of this ‘magical’ time thanks very much! I can’t wait now to meet our new-born and enjoy the start of a new journey again.

Hopefully, I’ll be blogging again next week, that’s if I haven’t gone early…

Watch this space!

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