The Mummy Diaries: pregnancy week 33

The Mummy Diaries: pregnancy week 33

by Emma Hargan
article from Monday 7, May, 2018

HELLO, my name is Emma. I have been married for nearly three years and we have a wee boy of 22 months called Jamie. So for my first blog, I’m going to tell you my story into motherhood and how my journey continues with pregnancy number two, due at the end of June. So far my pregnancy has been pretty uneventful – until now…

My first pregnancy with Jamie was a breeze, honestly. I worked as a full time Office Administrator right up until my maternity leave was due and I never had a day’s sickness or felt weepy or down. I enjoyed my pregnancy with our wee boy. I had Jamie two days before my due date and he was delivered by emergency C-section due to him weighing a whopping 9lb 12oz’s! 

From the day he was born, he was a fantastic eater and was sleeping through the night from 8 weeks. He outgrew his Moses basket fairly quickly so my husband, James, and I decided just to try him in his own room in his cot and we’ve never looked back. We made the decision that I would give up my full-time job and look after Jamie myself and because he was so good and made it so easy, we decided we would have another baby.

From the beginning, this pregnancy has been completely different. I was never sick but felt sick all day long. I have actually outgrown the maternity clothes that I bought before because my bump is so big. It was driving me crazy every time we were going out that nothing fitted and of course I had to try every item of clothing on before leaving the house. I mistakenly asked James if I looked OK and his nephew turned to me and said, you don’t even look pregnant – you just look fat!! Great!

The thing I didn’t appreciate the first time round, was just being able to rest up when I was tired. I can’t do that this time with a toddler to run about after and, as a result, I think I have been a little bit cranky. The little angel child we had before, is now nearly two, so there are endless days of climbing on everything, tantrums, screaming matches and slamming doors. I have found myself looking for the 666 when I wash his hair some days! 

I literally can’t leave the room for a second without him trying to fly off the coffee table or head butt the doors (it has been known!) Yesterday, a lady came to the door and asked me if I wouldn’t mind taking part in a survey. One of the questions was, what are your hobbies? I replied, “I’m a mum, I enjoy long-lies and trips to the bathroom alone!” I also spent the majority of that morning rowing with my toddler over the importance of wearing socks.

Naturally, when my husband comes home from work and asks how my day has been, I rant on about how hard it is to keep our toddler alive and that I’m so exhausted that dinner is for the third time this week, a frozen pizza. Instead of being grateful that I even cook a frozen pizza, wash all the clothes and keep the house clean, he turns to me and says, “It’s just your hormones pet.” Is it actually possible to have pregnancy Tourettes? I had to take myself into the downstairs toilet and ‘have a word’ with myself! Oh yeah and that would be after the latest baby poo explosion and third change of clothing of the day and the baby-hand smears of chocolate up the wall, which frankly looks like shit!

I have spent this week questioning, ‘do other mums feel like this?’ Why am I doing this to myself again? I can’t even have a glass of sodding wine until June!! God only knows what my neighbours must think. I don’t know how many times this week I have roared at Jamie to, “get out of the bloody pan cupboard!”(His daily expedition).

Then, after Jamie’s routine nightly bath, his Daddy gives him a bottle and he looks for me to give him a cuddle before bedtime. It reminds me that I am doing something right, I am a good Mummy, and all of the days trials and tribulations are all worth it.

I wonder what next week will bring…


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