Crowdfunding appeal: Exposing our education scandal

Crowdfunding appeal: Exposing our education scandal

by Sophie Sandor
article from Friday 26, October, 2018

ARE YOU INTERESTED IN EDUCATION? I am making a feature-length film – Why The Poorest Get The Worst Deal Out Of The UK’s Education System – that aims to persuade the public to reject the status quo. 

It is being funded through Crowdfunding and matched sponsorship. Perhaps you are able to help, by contributing, or retweeting my crowdfunding page from my twitter? This is the crowdfunding page- please read it for more detailed information and to help. 

The problem the film will explore is the causes of and potential solutions to the educational scandal of the poorest getting the worst deal out of the UK's education system. It needn’t be that way.

Parents are forced to pay for schools via taxation and if they opt out of that service, whether it be to home-school or for private school, they do not receive a rebate. And not all parents can afford to top-up what they get "for free" through the state school system.

As a result of this crowding out, the UK now has a large state sector and a tiny private sector that caters just to the wealthy, providing a very expensive product.

In particular, it is parents who cannot afford private school fees or who cannot afford to move to the wealthier neighbourhoods (that inevitably go hand-in-hand with higher-performing state schools) who are stuck, lacking choice and access to the best of even the "free" education. The state can try to get rid of markets, but it almost never works.

This has led to the poorest getting the worst deal out of the UK's education system.

Today, many influential people promote and perpetuate this system, ignoring the aforementioned realties - and it is that sentiment in society that the film will also seek to unpick. 

I have 10 days left to raise the money (and am 47% of the way there). I'm aiming to raise 50% of the £5,000 budget through mass small donations and ask potential larger sponsors who are passionate about the film’s message to match it - in return for recognition for making it happen (e.g. on social media, or their logo/name in film, at premier party). 

The film is inspired by - and indeed will centre on - both public choice theory and the fact the lowest-income-background children in this country are nine times more likely than the wealthiest to end up in one of the country’s inadequate schools, according to Labour Party analysis

This is not merely a “talking heads” film. I have secured an up-and-coming team to bring the latest filmmaking methods and artistic elements to production, combined with my - and the big name contributors’ - economic, educationalist and philosophical perspectives.   

Though I’ve been writing about this for years, I explain more specifically the issues and causes the documentary will tackle in a couple of articles I just wrote, which you’ll find below. I’ve been doing a lot of media, talks and pieces recently to promote the idea we should reject the schooling system status quo. 



My first film, about the SNP, got 10,000 views in 10 days and was featured in the Daily Express, after sharing only on my personal social networks. My second film, Tianah, about the profit motive, just got me into the National Youth Film Academy. I was in the top 3per cent (of 3,000) auditions and got a coveted director's spot - statistically even more rare. Tianahalso just made the top five official selection, out of 160 entries, at Barnes Film Festival. Both films were no budget and with just me on the team. 

This means the relatively huge budget of the forthcoming film will enable me to improve tremendously on the film's reach and influence, and production quality. Especially since I have just started working with, and am learning a lot from, Martin Durkin, maker, as you know, of Brexit: The Movieand Margaret Thatcher: Death of a Revolutionary! 

Thanks so much if you can help in some way!!

With best wishes


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