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February 8, 2023
Gail MacDonald

The Good the Bad – and the Non-binary

GOOD AND BAD were easily spotted in my day.  Nelly Olsen, arch super-villain from Little House on the Prairie was a bad piece of work. 

Murdo Fraser

Understanding the trans debate

Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality – by Helen Joyce Oneworld Publications 2021 320 pages Hardback. ISBN 9780 8615 40495 FOR MANY OF US, the increasingly

Brian Monteith

Vivian Linacre – the man with the gilded tongue

VIVIAN LINACRE who has died aged 93 was an optimist’s optimist, an enthusiast’s enthusiast whose glass was always half-full-to-brimming-over with cheerfulness and passion for a

Tom Gallagher

Thoughts from a nationalist sage for our times

Book Review: A Difference of Opinion. My Political Journey – by Jim Sillars Birlinn 2021 320pp Paperback. ISBN 9781780276830 IT IS A STRUGGLE to think of anyone

Vivian Linacre

This unhappy breed

THE INTERVAL at any theatrical performance is usually marked by the fall of a curtain, which is raised again at the start of the next

Stuart Crawford

On marriage and divorce – be warned…

DATA FROM THE Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows there was a 5.8 per cent rise in divorces between opposite-sex couples in England and Wales

Jill Stephenson

Cruising with or without Covid

ONE OF THE EARLY news items about Covid in 2020 was the nightmare tale of passengers on a number of large cruise ships who were

Alan Grant

How Scottish politics ruined Gaelic

I DON’T SPEAK a word of Gaelic. That, in and of itself, may, to some readers, disqualify me automatically from having a valid opinion on

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