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February 8, 2023
Struan Stevenson

Churchill’s Scottish connections

JUST OVER fifty-seven years ago, the state funeral of Winston Churchill took place in St Paul’s Cathedral, London. On 30th January 1965, the internment was

Gail MacDonald

My favourite reads of 2021

DOMESTIC LIVES and relationships have taken pride of place in four best-sellers in 2021.  All the, er, sacrifice of working from home means that domesticity

Alex Story

Our descent to incivility and ignorance

THE BELL TOLLED for western civilisation on the 26th of March 2006. Some people will point to financiers. After all, they sold insight and competence

Stuart Crawford

The joy of sexagenarians

THERE’S NO ESCAPE from it I’m afraid; we all get older. Even Dorian Gray was, in the end, unable to escape the ravages of time.

Gail MacDonald

The Leo always rises

THE SUSSEXES are coming!  The Sussexes are coming! The Coca-Cola lorry has nothing on this juggernaut of publicity.  Always entertaining and worth every penny, how

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