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Struan Stevenson

Struan Stevenson represented Scotland in the European Parliament from 1999 to 2014. He is CEO of Scottish Business UK (SBUK).



The SNP/Green Government’s illusory sunlit uplands

DELIVERING their latest fantasy booklet “An Independent Scotland in the EU”, Cabinet Constitution Secretary Angus Robertson promised that following a ‘YES’ vote, the SNP/Green coalition

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Is Keir Starmer attempting to feed the crocodile?

AGAINST A BACKGROUND of spiralling inflation, an energy crisis, the NHS in meltdown, falling educational standards, soaring drug deaths and a lack of affordable housing,

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Churchill’s Scottish connections

JUST OVER fifty-seven years ago, the state funeral of Winston Churchill took place in St Paul’s Cathedral, London. On 30th January 1965, the internment was

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Company directors unite to stop IndyRef2

AN OPEN LETTER that appeared in The Sunday Times Scotland calling on the Scottish Government to rule out plans for a referendum breaking up the UK has

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Scotland needs nuclear power

Nuclear power is virtually CO2 emission free and currently provides around 40% of Scotland’s and 20% of the UK’s baseload electricity. The pledge by the

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