Linda Holt

Linda Holt

Linda Holt is a former Fife councillor and regular contributor to


Think Politics

The changing face of pro-UK politics?

ON FRIDAY I delivered All For Unity and Scotland Matters placards to two farmers, who displayed them in their fields facing main roads. Both happen

Today's Thinking

George Galloway: a cat among the pigeons?

THE SCOTTISH PARLIAMENT election on May 6 will be like no other in recent Scottish history. Every local, Scottish and UK election for the last

Think Politics

The First Minister’s Freudian slip

AT THIS WEEK’S First Minister’s Questions, the LibDem leader Willie Rennie had his customary go at Nicola Sturgeon about testing. This time he focussed on

Think Business

The Covid train is Project Fear on steroids

Linda Holt article from Wednesday 23, December, 2020 WE NOW HAVE Project Fear on steroids in Scotland. Headlines shriek about the mutant virus as if it's an extraterrestrial invader. The First Minister parries questions from the Conservative and Labour leaders at Holyrood with a petrified mien and repeated warnings about  "a train … coming down the […]

Think Business

ThinkBooks: Poetry, politics and philosophy for self-preservation

Linda Holt article from Tuesday 22, December, 2020 TO MY SHAME I had never heard of Louise Glück, the 77-year-old American poet and essayist who won this year’s Nobel Prize in Literature. But what a delicious discovery when I went online and found many poems by her! (She has published thirteen collections but strangely a […]

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