Charles Harris

Charles Harris

Charles Harris is an award-winning British traditional artist who completed both his BA and then his MA at the Royal Academy. He was awarded a scholarship for both of these courses and has won several prizes during those years. He lives in Perthshire and paints mostly en plein air.


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Think Culture

Spin, art, knowledge and conversations

SINCE I LAST WROTE recently about landscape and painting, a neighbour and a new friend, asked me, “Who was the best portrait painter?” I said, “Rembrandt.”     

Think Culture

Early Spring at Kinkell Bridge

DEAR READER, I have provided two photos of this last painting. One in the light and one against. The painting is 3 feet x 4

Think Culture

The pleasure of drawing

DEAR READER, I was asked this week to explain about the pleasure and importance of drawing and why? So, my thought immediately, was I must begin first by

Think Culture

Perthshire in the snow

Dear Reader, AT THE BEGINNING of our New Year, I have enclosed for you a photo of a finished painting entitled, Glen of Ice and

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