Alan Grant

Alan Grant

Alan Grant, our resident ThinkMovies critic, can be found here with a new review every Thursday evening when the Cinemas are again open. @alangrantuk #thinkmovies  E-mail: 


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Think Culture

ThinkBooks: A year in a book club

WHEN AN E-MAIL from the editor landed in my inbox asking for an opinion on a book I’d read in this dreadful year, three thoughts

Think Culture

Make society for adults again!!

YEP, THAT’S IT! Put it on a red baseball cap and do me a run of 10,000! Allow me to begin with a declaration. I

Think Culture

ThinkMovies: Saint Maud

FRIENDS, the other critics who have seen and written about Saint Maud have put me in a bit of an awkward situation again. Like they did when

Think Culture

ThinkMovies: Schemers

FRIENDS, I try to keep my opinions, and the way I arrive at them, as original as possible in these weekly deep dives into the

Think Culture

Think Movies: Zombieland: Double Tap

IF THERE IS ONE ILLNESS that movies suffer from more than any other at the moment, it’s that they often come down with a really

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