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No human being is born into the wrong body

AS WE READ in The Times that Moray Council is considering guidance for supporting so-called ‘transgender’ children that will prevent teachers from using the correct words to describe girls and boys, let me state from the outset that there is no such thing as a transgender child as defined by Queer Theory. No human being is or has ever been ‘born in the wrong body’!

The news about Moray Council has angered parents and teachers and should anger us all because the Queer Theory-based ideology being forced into Scottish schools by the SNP is dangerous to children and teenagers, but also harmful to teachers.

A large number of teenagers go through a phase where they want to reinvent themselves, to create an image of who they are. This is a normal phase in social development. It is such a well recognised part of maturing that most traditional cultures developed rituals through which this identity formation was managed. In modern western cultures teenagers usually create their public identity through fashion; through the clothes they chose to wear, the music they listen to etc., and with the advent of social media teenagers have powerful tools to project this image to the world.

At the time when teenagers are experimenting with creating their public identity, they are also extremely susceptible to peer group pressure. For a large number of teenagers being popular with their peers is simply the most important thing in the world to them. They crave acceptance, they seek admiration (and some people never grow out of this).

What the Queer Theory transgender ideology is doing in Scotland is to use the children and teenagers’ vulnerability to persuade them that this normal public identity formation stage, during which they are unsure of the identity they wish to project, means they are ‘born into the wrong body’. And further, that taking up the transgender ideology will make them popular and accepted.

If the transgender theory was merely a fashion, like being a Hippy or a Punk or a Goth was in the past, it would be relatively harmless. It would be a fashion phase that most teenagers grow out of. However, children and teenagers are being groomed through transgender ideology by teachers and other adults into believing that they are somehow ‘born into the wrong body’ and the results of this grooming is the mutilation and medical harm being done to vulnerable teenagers as outlined by the Cass Report.

The destination of the transgender journey for these vulnerable teenagers is not, as they are being taught in Scottish schools, that they transition to the opposite sex. Rather, they will be sterilised: a girl will not become a boy she will become a sterile and medically damaged woman; a boy will not become a girl he will become a sterilised and medically damaged man.

Part of the grooming of children into believing the transgender ideology that a person can transition into the opposite sex is the control of speech in schools. For example the prospective ‘guidance’ that teachers should not use the words ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ when referring to children.

Thanks to the Cass Report we are seeing at least a pause in this evil practice in England. And in the USA the teachers, therapists, and doctors who groomed and mutilated teenagers are being sued by those young people for millions and millions of dollars, and that will most likely stop the evil in the USA. Meanwhile in Scotland we have reports that councils like Moray Council are still considering implementing aspects of the Queer Theory grooming protocol in Scottish schools.

The permanent and irreversible physical and emotional damage to children and teenagers is finally becoming public, however there is also an insidious damage to teachers that is not often commented upon. Being forbidden to use the words ‘girl’ or ‘boy’ to accurately describe children coupled with the enforced use of incorrect pronouns is compelled speech. Compelling speech breaks the teachers’ civil rights, but worse it is a psychological tool, perfected by the Chinese Communist Party in the 1950’s, that breaks down the victim’s cognitive abilities and mental stability.

Our first duty in Scotland is to protect our children and young people, however we also have a duty to resist any form of compelled speech because compelling speech damages the people it targets: it damages both their mental health and their very ability to think.

Authoritarians never need to compel accurate speech, the reason they compel speech is to try to hide the truth. As though they can change reality by changing words! This is superstitious magical thinking; you cannot change reality by calling it something different. But you damage the speaker by forcing them to say what is not true. And when authoritarians force people to behave as though their compelled speech is true it leads to disaster.

We have seen this in the starvation of millions in Stalin’s USSR and Mao’s China. Now we are seeing it in the permanent damage to teenagers and young people deceived into ‘transitioning’.  

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