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The WHO is making a power grab with the complicity of our politicians

IF YOU haven’t heard already, proposals are currently being negotiated in secret that will fundamentally change our individual freedoms, our sovereignty and our democracy in relation to health care in the UK.

Our elected officials need to educate themselves urgently on what is quietly going on behind closed doors, so they can better understand why remaining a WHO Member State  and the pending changes to its International Health Regulations (IHR) represent a significant risk to national sovereignty.

The proposals being developed by the WHO, if adopted in May 2024, will ostensibly become legally binding, may over-ride our national sovereignty, be (intentionally) extremely difficult to get out of, and give the WHO’s Director General unprecedented levels of completely unfettered power, through the ability to dictate UK public health policy and restrict fundamental freedoms and human rights with no recourse. Such new powers may include the WHO gaining the authority to:

  • Declare a pandemic or even a potential pandemic at which point all decision making powers fall under WHO;
  • Impose lockdown restrictions on all individuals in member states;
  • Make vaccinations mandatory, such vaccines made in 100 days by skipping human trials and reducing safety and efficacy testing down to bare bones;
  • Specify use of certain medications in medical emergencies, and ban others, ie to decide the health care for every person, with local doctors being forced to follow WHO edicts;
  • Create an obligation to carry a global health passport;
  • Require nations required to surveil and censor the press and social media so that no dissenting voices can be heard;
  • Remove the clause in the previous IHR regulations relating to Individual Sovereignty;
  • Force implementation of massive nationwide bio surveillance to identify potential; pathogens “with pandemic potential”; and,
  • Charge member states the vast sum to put this into effect and run it on a budget of $31bn per annum.

Although it is possible that the UK government would ignore its obligations under the IHRs (if it is indeed correct that a treaty in International Law does not bind Britain’s Westminster Parliament), it is highly likely the UK Government would automatically follow the duties purportedly imposed on it by the Pandemic Treaty and the IHRs.

During the Covid Pandemic there was no such legal obligation but nevertheless most nations, including UK, followed the same WHO protocols in lockstep – to disastrous effect.  It is the ACTIONS that our government would take that is important to us, not whether they are obliged or not to take them.

The WHO is now captured by private interests that fund it to the tune of 87% and wield immense power over it. Essentially this is a huge private/public partnership, with taxpayers primarily providing the money (while having no say in the matter), while the private sector sets the direction and reaps the rewards.  The ‘global elite’ behind these private interests will in this way take control over most Western governments.  This is a subversion of democracy.

Time is of the essence.  One IHR amendment adopted in May 2022 (Article 59) has to be actively rejected by December 1st, or by default it will come into force.  We need to opt out using Article 61.   The 307 amendments proposed in May ‘23 are still being debated.  There have been several 4-day long sessions in Geneva since May with another one due in December. The final version, which should be ready in Jan will be voted in in May 2024.  We then have only another 10 months to reject these before they too will by default come into force.

We need to act now to protect against this imminent massive power grab at the hands of WHO and preserve the UK’s authority to manage our own public health.  We need to protect patients’ right to informed consent for medical procedures and for individualised care without coercion by regulatory agencies.

This ‘globalist takeover’ hinges on the successful creation of a feedback loop of surveillance for virus variants, a declaration of potential risk, followed by lockdowns and restrictions, followed by mass vaccinating of populations to “end” the pandemic restrictions, followed by more surveillance and so on.  What results is a system which will funnel money from the taxpayers into multinational corporations and elite groups.

We have already experienced the WHO’s chaotic handling of the COVID 19 pandemic.  And that was when they were merely advising. Its advice was not science based, not rational, moral or ethical, and it was heavily influenced by vested interests.  Yet here it is negotiating new and binding legal instruments without bothering to undertake a full analysis of its handling of the last pandemic, or take stock of the catastrophic negative impact of its misguided policies on economies, healthcare systems, education, social cohesion, physical and mental health and more.

This is a very deep movement within international public health and the financial sector to increase control of member countries and individuals in the case of health emergencies, broadly defined as anything that could potentially harm the wellbeing of the human population.  It represents a subversion of democracy by centralised organisations, many of whom have direct financial interests in this whole process and are strongly directing and supporting by way of funding.

Essentially this is a huge private/public partnership with taxpayers primarily providing the money (while having no choice in the matter), while the private sector sets the direction and reaps the profit rewards.  It feels like we have turned the clock back to the colonial era, with a pseudo-government that isn’t answerable to the people but is closely tied to large organisations, controlling the rest of the world in order to extract benefits from those populations.

I fear our politicians are sleepwalking into these treaties – believing them to be similar to previous health related treaties – where the WHO is given some limited, non-binding power to make recommendations, but does not interfere with a sovereign nation’s ability to manage public health crises to suit their own national needs and interests. This ‘take’ could not be further from the truth.

These treaties violate nearly all western constitutions by allowing a foreign power the ability to nullify and void, for indefinite amounts of time, the existing constitutional laws and civil rights protections of membercountries upon proclamation of a public health crisis by the WHO. It must be opposed.

To read Philippa D’Arcy’s full paper on the WHO power grab please go to this link.

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Photo: The WHO HQ in Geneva.


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