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Spare a thought for poor Harry

HARRY, formerly known as the ‘One led astray by his wife’ is revealing a different narrative through both his Netflix documentary last month and his ghost written memoir ‘Spare’ – launched this week.

Between the two, it seems Meghan is more pure of heart, and it’s Harry that’s the more bitter fruit.

Meghan straightforwardly, wants to make the world a better place by sharing her greatness, and is troubled by those who would deny the world such greatness.

Harry, on the other hand, seems royally cheesed-off about the unfairness of life, not to mention a touch vengeful.

Naturally, everyone rolls their eyes when a prince says how life has been ‘unfair’.  But for Harry, life in the Royal Family has not been fair.  In our mad world where victim status is currency, where we measure ‘suffering’ or ‘trauma’ as subjective and based on feelings, then Harry maybe has a point? Leaving my commoner’s tongue firmly in my cheek, here’s Harry’s lived experience:

  • Harry was third in the line for king for most of his life.  He was bumped three places thanks to his brother’s successful breeding.   For most of us this might not seem too bad but take a moment to think about queuing in the supermarket when a man in front of you brings in his three friends.  All with trolleys.  For Harry, losing his turn and peaking too early has to sting a bit.
  • Now imagine your two closest relatives are in a club and you get left out of said club.  And the club is being King.   When the three get together the two ‘Kings’ have to be sensitive to the one who won’t be.   But Harry likely knows that when the other two are just by themselves, they are just a teeny bit more relaxed and can speak plainly about kingly matters without having to watch what they say. Exclusion hurts, even if you are a prince.
  • Harry can’t get a regular job or start a regular empire, and his soldier pension won’t really make much of a dent in his fiscal needs.  And his dad held the purse strings.  Now he’s found a way of making money in a marketplace called media.  Entrepreneurial and self-made new Harry is calling the shots now and has levelled the playing field. Can we blame him?
  • The Royal institution refused to share by giving out titles like ‘Global Princess’.   They wanted to keep it all.  And as any nursery nurse will testify, not sharing toys brings out the worst in us. It’s just mean.
  • Harry relates to minority groups because no one is more a minority than him. There is only one spare prince in the UK. No support groups or legislation to help.  Just you.
  • Your granny put your brother’s children on her desk but left out yours. Royal or not, that has to pinch a bit.

So we have to hand it to Harry.  His bitter agenda about life being unfair may seem to the rest of us to be a bit, er, rich.  But for any of us with a sibling, watching them snigger ‘nah-nah-nah-naaah-nah is beyond annoying.

Watching that sibling getting handed a kingship might push many of us over the edge.

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