Taking us for mugs: the machinations of the pandemic opportunists

PANDEMIC MACHINATIONS started when China used the WHO, headed by their Marxist placeman Tedros Adhanom to spread the unscientific notion that strict lockdown was the best way to deal with the virus. This happened just as the serially-wrong Professor Neil Ferguson published his dire predictions of horrifying levels of Covid-19 deaths unless extraordinary measures were taken. This resulted in many governments around the world – including our own – being panicked into imposing “Chinese lockdown”.

The initial UK lockdown was only supposed to last for three weeks to “flatten the sombrero”. This was soon achieved, overwhelmingly by the natural passage of the virus rather than the lockdown, but the goalposts were then shifted on some weak pretexts to continue the lockdown. By that time the global elite and China had worked out the opportunities presented by Coronavirus and Boris Johnson decided to go along with the globalist party line to avoid upsetting his globalist/Davos chums, abandoning the UK’s tried and tested pandemic planning in favour of the untried sledgehammer approach supposedly espoused by the totalitarian Chinese Communist Party.

The ruthless American (and wider) establishment saw the virus as an opportunity to derail President Trump’s booming USA economy and ultimately deny him his second term re-election. To achieve this they had to spin out the pandemic to the November election, when they duly succeeded. Over this period we saw a series of ploys clearly designed to hinder the return to normality, including:

  • making the unscientific assumption that no pre-existing virus herd immunity existed;
  • making an Orwellian re-definition of herd immunity to exclude natural immunity and instead refer only to vaccine-acquired immunity;
  • ignoring extensive scientific evidence that lockdowns are ineffective in controlling the virus;
  • midsummer mandating of fear-stoking facemasks, proved ineffective over many years of study;
  • fear-mongering on highly-inflated “case” numbers resulting from mass testing false positives;
  • fear-mongering on asymptomatic virus transmission based on “woeful”, extremely sparse evidence,
  • fear-mongering on virus variants which an ex-Pfizer VP says (starts 36:00) are 99.7% identical to the original,
  • brutal rejection of the sensible Great Barrington Declaration “focused protection” proposal for a faster, fairer return to normality,
  • American Big Tech joining forces to enforce the Chinese lockdown orthodoxy by censoring dissent, e.g. closing down contrarian YouTube videos, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts,
  • repeated changing of the lockdown goalposts based on provenly-exaggerated predictions.

The Davos World Economic Forum elite also saw the virus as an opportunity to advance their Spectre-like objectiveswhich had hitherto focused on the old chestnut of “climate change”.  WEF leader Professor Klaus Schwab made the ludicrous claim that “The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world”. With cynical opportunism he rushed out a new book Covid-19: The Great Reset based on the absurd premise that Covid-19 is such an extreme disruption as to require a total transformation of our global society and economy, needless to say on terms beneficial to the undemocratic, supranational Davos elite. Matt Hancock has previously promoted the WEF’s so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution. Acolytes Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon parrot the undemocratic UN’s “Build Back Better” mantra echoed by the WEF, the latest code phrase for green global tyranny.

These machinations all took place in plain view through an unfolding convergence of opportunism. With Donald Trump gone, the vulnerable vaccinated, the viral season waning and Covid deaths plummeting despite all the “scariants” and supposed asymptomatic transmission, the bit players in these geopolitical skulduggeries and disastrous domestic overreactions urgently need to wind down their virus restrictions including the threat of police-state vaccine passports and get us back to normality.

Unfortunately, our politicians are strangely reluctant to lift their Covid restrictions. Maybe this is just to save face, to avoid having to admit that they overreacted. Maybe they are so timorously risk-averse as to believe that the anti-scientific precautionary principle justifies their extreme caution. The worry is that their continuing authoritarian Covid restrictions will morph into the technocratic dystopia of Great Reset identity passports and never-ending biosecurity and “climate change” restrictions.

Professor Neil Ferguson played a key role in the Coronavirus debacle through his non-medical specialty of computer modelling, the easily-manipulated methodology used by the establishment to support their climate change machinations. The “Garbage In, Garbage Out” (GIGO) computer modelling parallels between the two disciplines are particularly striking.

Just as Ferguson’s GIGO Covid-19 computer modelling uses flawed assumptions on factors such as virus transmissibility and natural immunity and ignores virus seasonality, so the UN IPCC GIGO climate computer modellinguses flawed assumptions on what drives the global climate and ignores climate natural variability.

This article reviews Ferguson’s grossly-exaggerated Coronavirus modellings and the graph below shows grossly-exaggerated climate change modelling. Sadly, many sceptical climate science professionals are scared to speak out against establishment climate change orthodoxy for fear of career-damaging repercussions, as with Coronavirus science professionals. The safe option is to stifle any reservations and go along with the prevailing orthodoxy.


A simple analysis shows that there is no cause for concern about global warming: mentally splice Lord Monckton’s April 2014 graph showing that global temperatures had flatlined for the prior 17 years 8 months (the “pause”) with the latest satellite temperature graph showing that global temperatures have fallen back to 2014 levels. This concatenation shows that there has been zero net global warming over the last 25 years, a period slightly longer than the minor, mainly if not wholly natural El Nino-driven global warming from 1975 to 1998 on which the man-made global warming scare was fraudulently founded.

Zero global warming means zero climate change yet our politicians claim that we are living through a climate emergency, declared on a political whim without a shred of scientific or statistical evidence and using the same dishonest brainwashing techniques as used on Coronavirus to fool the people into believing their “climate crisis” fictions, compliantly supported by the complicit MSM. Paradoxically, the non-scientific educated elite (including policymakers) is most vulnerable to being fooled. This bogus climate emergency is inflicting mental health problemson millions of children who are also suffering severe collateral damage from Coronavirus lockdown.

The ignored reality is that recent global temperature trends map neatly onto the waning warm phase of the cyclical Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation, deliberately not even mentioned in UN IPPC summary reports for policymakers and which, if it follows its long-established pattern will soon usher in a 30-year cold phase like that experienced globallyfrom the 1940s to the 1970s.

Not only is it utter nonsense that man-made CO2 emissions act as the control knob for global climate, it is in any case also utterly impossible that the world could get to net zero emissions by 2050, or even by 2150. How on earth could global net zero emissions be achieved, technically and politically?

Politicians never, ever give a straight, credible answer to this question.

They have no answer because they are stuck on a climate change treadmill they can’t get off, hoist on the petard of their own climate pseudo-science, painted into a corner by their own untenable climate commitments, shackled to climate and energy policies which can only end very badly for all of us, they hope only after they themselves have moved on.

Or maybe their reticence is because “climate change” is not really about the climate at all. This possible ulterior motive is exposed by the Davos/WEF chicaneries, previous UN IPCC admissions and the new book by UN Climate Envoy Mark Carney. Just like Coronavirus, how many of our domestic politicians are even aware of these geopolitical “not actually about climate change” machinations?

Green dreamers and bandwagoners shut their eyes to the show-stopping reality that after decades of futile climate talkfests, in 2019 (the last year I checked) the world as a whole was 84 per cent dependent on fossil fuels for itsprimary energy supply with global wind and solar suppling a mere 1.3 per cent while after a decade of Climate Change Act striving the UK was 79 per cent dependent, not counting imports. To top the lunacy, Boris’s bonkers plan – an unqualified, dangerous politician playing at being an energy infrastructure engineering expert – is to attempt this estimated £4 trillion, pointless, impossible mission using uncleanunreliableunsustainablejobs-destroyingoffshore wind power.


Over the past year our irresponsible establishment politicians have contrived to severely damage the lives of millions and bring about the worst UK economic downturn in 300 years by their disastrous overreaction to a virus which, as of the end of December, had killed 388 people in the UK aged under 60 with no pre-existing health conditions and with an average UK Covid mortality age of 82.4 years, higher than average UK life expectancy.

For all their protestations about “following the science” on Coronavirus, this BMJ paper and many others show this is exactly what they have not been doing, just as they abandoned proper climate science many years ago to pursue their pseudo-scientific global warming fraud.

We must assume that these unhinged establishment authoritarians are prepared to inflict extreme collateral damage on the disenfranchised electorate in the name of their precious so-called “climate change”. The only democratic option is to vote these self-serving establishment clones out of office.

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Douglas Brodie is a sceptical layman with a BSc from Glasgow University, 20 years retired from a career in computers and telecommunications and hates being taken for a fool by politicians. 

The above article is an updated version of an email I sent recently to the Scottish Parliament Covid-19 Committee. The first part of that email focused on the domestic mishandling of the Coronavirus pandemic and is posted here


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