BREXIT'S ALIVE! But without the Brexit wingmen Flash Boris could not have saved the Universe

BREXIT'S ALIVE! But without the Brexit wingmen Flash Boris could not have saved the Universe

by Dr Sutherland MacNeill
article from Friday 20, December, 2019

WELL, WHAT A WEEK THAT WAS!  We made it. We vanquished Corbyn the Clueless, Chairman of the Radical left, and saw a massive pro-Brexit majority returned to Westminster. The Queen's Speech, admittedly very awkwardly drafted, sets in motion an audacious plan to deliver what the people voted on 12 December – and what they voted for in 2016.

We have battles ahead to face but we can pause just to celebrate a very merry Brexmas as MEPs did today in the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Leading the charge yesterday was our very own Blessed Brian who has ploughed a hard furrow in Scotland for years being one of the few truly credible Eurosceptics who rallied the movement this week with a cry for "Freedom".

As another Brian might say, "Brexit's Alive!" It has taken months of intensive care and massive pressure on both Labour and the Tories to ensure Brexit's survival and it should have never have come so close to being lost. In taking back control of Parliament a Brexit majority can now, finally, Get Brexit Done Well and move on to difficult trade talks with many partners around the world.

While the hero of the hour is the foppish, blond-mopped Flash Boris, it took Brexit wingmen to target Labour's defences with brutal effect, picking off hundreds of thousands of votes that had kept many Labour seats safe for years.

Prince Vultan pictured above asked in the famous Flash Gordon movie, "Who wants to live forever?". In truth we Brexiter's don't want to be celebrated as Brexiters. We want our fine country to move on from surviving within the EU empire to thriving outside it.

It is essential when the fight returns in the new year for reforming the country we have won back that there is never truly one blond hero to dominate the stage. It is and has always been a team fight against the odds. It was by building and marshalling a new coalition of disaffected voters that the Brexit Party changed politics for good by making it possible to lock out of power an ignoble and bitter antisemitic, a socialist cult of snobs and sneerers who spent years playing tiresome games without liberties and our patience.

They found out to their horror that we had been pushed far too far. Far too far for a country whose traditions of tolerance and debate are so valued across society.

For now let's enjoy some festive cheer and maybe even rewatch the old Sam Jones classic. Merry Christmas and thank goodness Blessed Brian was fighting our corner for the north of Britain. 

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