We should ALL be working for a clean Brexit, not doing the EU's work for it

We should ALL be working for a clean Brexit, not doing the EU's work for it

by Ivor Tiefenbrun
article from Thursday 1, March, 2018

I HAD an article published in The Herald just before the EU Referendum vote. You can read it here, I think it remains valid, but I did not imagine the result would not be generally accepted, whatever way it went.

Those politicians, commentators and others who most vocally refuse to accept the vote, such as John Major this week, are in effect desperately endeavouring to make it certain that we will get a sub-optimal result, and their behaviour is both irresponsible and damaging, because the best result is obviously a clean or better still as hard a Brexit as possible.  It is called freedom and independence. 

No doubt if we are on the point of ‘crashing’ out without a deal, as the Remainers would have it, or as the majority of the voters saw it of escaping the EU and recapturing responsibility for our own destiny, then the EU will come up with last minute offers to trap us into continuing our subservient status, as their biggest export market, cash cow and a prime source of security and defence.  Such a deal would surely compromise our freedom and preclude the best and only real way to negotiate any good deal, which can only begin on the morning after we leave. 

The notion of continuity will prevail after we leave without a deal, and start to talk from a position of total independence, unless either Party says no, on a blanket or case-by-case basis, that will set real priorities. This stark reality is the thing that terrifies EU officialdom and Europhile Big Government-loving politicians the most, because it illuminates the fact that we don’t really need them, and that they only screw things up when they serve their own and vested interests, rather than those of the public at large who benefit most from small open and democratically accountable Government.

A hard Brexit is good for the UK and ultimately for our sincere friends who value our democratic tradition.

A soft Brexit is good for the EU at our expense, and of course for those who have their eyes on the public trough.

I am amazed that the media and Remainers have so misled us by demonising the notion of a clean Brexit as a hard and therefore a bad Brexit. In Scotland, Ruth Davidson's public opposition to what she calls a no deal Brexit which others would call a no compromise Brexit undermines her Party.  This position undermines the Conservative Government, undermines the Union and undermines the UK in its dealings with the EU.

They seek to persuade us that EU membership is wonderful and we must remain subject to its failing and undemocratic systems and unelected money-grubbing and corrupt petty officialdom and collectivist dictators.  Are they mad?  Could anyone believe that?  So instead they rely on spreading fear about the terrible cost of leaving the EU, its dreadful retribution, and about dealing with the threats and opportunities we voted to embrace.

Hell mend them and those who promote or swallow this opportunist, scaremongering appeasement and cowardice.

We will be far better off on our own, like other free countries, large and small, that are good places to live, like Japan and Singapore and Canada and Australia and New Zealand that cherish similar democratic and legal values; before it is too late to control our own destiny.

Ivor Tiefenbrun MBE is a world-renowned manufacturer of high fidelity audio equipment, hailing from the Gorbals.

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