It's conference season and the big question is

It's conference season and the big question is "Deal or No Deal?"

by Jonathan Stanley
article from Monday 9, October, 2017

IT'S THE MOST wonderful time of the political calendar. Party conferences are but once a year. Where politicians air their dirty laundry, where budget plans are washed up, where the under-21s make a discernible case for raising the voting age back to  a sane level.

This year's theme is Brexit, or "wur doomed" if you're a paternalist who doesn't trust people.

Labour avoided falling out over Europe by simply allowing everyone to preach any old dross about it and season it with Tory slurs. They ended with nothing, thereby having nothing to fall out about. Quite clever really.

The Lib Dems summoned an ancient spirit called Vince to mime Cher's classic, If I could turn back time. The more delusional ones think he can, but would he croak and mumble so much if he could? For now all they can do is list to port and make siren calls to reverse the most significant event in 70  years. Any Tory sailing that way will find rocks below keel before long. 

The Tories... ah yes. The Right-channelling Tallyho instead of Talleyrand. The Wets have adopted the drizzle strategy of numerous pithy whines against Brexit over many months. No killer blows landed, nonetheless their misery has soaked into the fabric of the party. Not one positive word on policy or a smart pivot, just succour given to luvvies of all persuasions. 

Reverse is a not a credible journey plan nor is mapping a circuitous route back to before June last year.

The SNP must now know that no separation could ever happen easily so long as the incumbent power can stall and filibuster to the end. The Tories must know that any poor deal or none at all will rest solely with non-constructive wets watering down our negotiation stance.

Labour knows it cannot be all things at once for ever. Eventually events find you out.

So the question can no longer be deal or no deal. Simply put, no one seems to be preparing one. If we are generous some of the cabinet is trying and that will be remembered.

The drizzle soaking the fabric of our democracy will likewise not be forgotten. SNP must plan their own No Deal strategy now. Anything else we know can be Stonewalled. No call for indyref can be made as long as links to the UK are pillars of independence.

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