Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Going grey and life is a rollercoaster!

Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Going grey and life is a rollercoaster!

by Emma Hargan
article from Friday 8, May, 2020

The Mummy Diaries

THERE MAY just be a glimmer of hope! We may actually be starting the long process of coming out of lockdown and this will be done gradually. We are hearing that landscape, gardening and builders’ merchants will be allowed to open and start trading again. We are also hearing our restrictions on exercise and where we can go for it are being relaxed. This doesn’t really affect us much as my two will only walk the 200 yards to the shop and normally with a bribe of a lollypop!

No, what I really want to know is when will the hairdressers open – what, the 20th of July??!!

Fox. Ache.

Another 11 weeks of looking like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards? Not only is it bad enough that the blonde has grown out that much, my hair now looks like it’s been dipped dyed. But I’ve actually discovered that I’m now going sodding grey. So, the dark brown/blonde dipped dyed look I can handle. But now I have to cope with looking like some kind of geriatric skunk! The worst part, is knowing that it’s most probably been my kids that have turned me grey during this sodding lockdown.

Ha! All joking aside, I don’t usually like to use my blog for ranting about anything other than my kids, however, I was absolutely disgusted to read today that there are some hairdressers going around people’s houses to do their hair! A salon in the city was actually sneaking customers in through the back door and doing their hair when the police got wind of what was going on, raided the place and fined everyone involved – including the customers. Why on earth would you risk your family’s health and your own health for a hair do??!! I mean I can just hear the nurses and the doctors in the hospital now..

Doctor: ‘Do we have a name for this one?’

Nurse: ‘Err, I don’t think so, she was brought in by ambulance needing a ventilator last night. But she has amazing hair!’

Doctor: ‘We’ll just call her the amazing hair lady then.’

Fox ache.

On a lighter note, I’ve managed to dig out a couple of hats that I forgot I had and haven’t seen the light of day in a while. Now I look like a ‘cool’ geriatric skunk!

So, what have we been up to this week? Well more of the same Groundhog Day fun, making scary monsters out of toilet roll holders and stick on eyes. Spending time in the garden, making up obstacle courses – and there are still the days when I can’t seem to get myself out of pyjamas, the kids are glued to YouTube while I try to get some work done with Moana on repeat in the background and I seem to accomplish nothing.

Then a lifesaver arrived in the post. Jamie and Lily’s granny and gramps had ordered the kids birthday presents super early as she didn’t want them to arrive late due to the current situation. The monster of a parcel landed on the doorstep and for a split second, I thought all my dreams had come true and Channing Tatum was going to burst out of the box and sweep me away forever.

But no.

The next best thing though! A rollercoaster. Yes, you read it right – a rollercoaster for toddlers. This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen for kids and if the kids weren’t interested then I would have a go! Although I didn’t get a look in.

“Mummy go!” Lily squealed.

“Mummy push me!” Jamie roared.

“Now be careful”  I said, “One at a time now.”

“Lily get off the track.. Jamie hold on with both hands..!”

The biggest mistake we made was building the thing up after dinner. Jamie and Lily then spent the next two hours taking turns (with a few fights in between) going up and down the track. They loved it. The problem was trying to get them to bed that evening. Even with the promise of spending the whole following day going on the rollercoaster, they were not one bit impressed at having to go to bed and it took a screaming match, some tears and a lot of bedtime stories before they eventually admitted defeat.

“You’re going to be busy tomorrow, keeping an eye and pushing those two all day!”  James said.

“Aw I don’t care I’ll spend as long as they want pushing them on the rollercoaster cart if it keeps them busy for a while! I don’t want any accidents so I don’t mind. Even a couple of hours would be great.” I replied.

The rollercoaster arrived on Monday evening.

By Thursday night….

“MUUUUUUUUUMY!! Push Lily, let’s go!!” roared Jamie at the top of his lungs.

“Just push it Jamie, she’ll be fine.” I replied.

Parenting 101 right there.

I am now on week three of cycle one of my Joe Wicks 90-day plan and so far, so good. I’m really starting to notice a difference in my clothes. I think the reason I’m starting to lose so much weight is the fact that I’m spending so much time in the kitchen cooking my dinners and then dinners for James, Jamie and Lily! I haven’t cheated once though. Oh well, a couple of glasses of wine on a Saturday night never killed anyone and I have to say, I read somewhere that a glass of red wine a day is actually good for you, so I’m actually just topping up on all the hard work I’ve done during the week really. Ah-hem.

We’ve also spent this week trying to get the toys sorted out. There’s toys under the stairs, toys in the living room, toys in the kitchen, the bathroom. In fact, long story short, every room in the house. So, my idea was to get the kids to bed and we put all the toys in a pile in the living room and sort out the ones we keep and the ones they are too big for now. What I thought was going to take an hour or so, took the whole evening and we actually managed to get most of the toys back into Jamie and Lily’s toy boxes in their rooms. That lasted about two days. I now have the toys back in the living room, under the stairs, in the kitchen.. you get the idea.

Another week done and dusted through this crazy situation we are all in. It’s been a good week but I know at this stage everyone is just trying to crawl from week to week, hoping that we see a bit of light at the end of tunnel – or in my case – a hairdresser at the end of the tunnel!

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