Baby Shark, naughty words and Cuddles the Bear

Baby Shark, naughty words and Cuddles the Bear

by Emma Hargan
article from Tuesday 3, March, 2020

IT’S BEEN AN INTERESTING WEEK of ups and downs. The ups? We made it through another week of battling storms to get to nursery. Jamie had a brilliant week of planting sunflowers, singing new songs and getting the school teddy bear ‘Cuddles’ home for a sleepover. Lily’s tooth finally made an appearance, thank God! Until the next one...  And we all went to see the Baby Shark Show at the weekend. Also the countdown is on for Mummy and Daddy to get away on a planned weekend break to Iceland, eek! And the downs? Well Jamie learned some more new words this week. Naughty words I might add and when Jamie learns naughty words, so does Lily.

So the week started off a bit shaky with Lily sore because her back tooth trying to make an appearance. Monday morning and we were in the middle of another lovely storm. Honestly, March better be kinder to us as I couldn’t wrap us up in any more clothes when we leave the house! Lily was tired as she had been up a few times the night before so trying to get her ready for going out was more of a challenge than usual. It was like trying to wrestle a crocodile on smack into a buggy. She was having none of it and naturally, Jamie thought this was hilarious.

Ten minutes later, and the kids were ready to go. I looked like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards as I made the mistake of getting myself ready before the kids. Trying to wrestle with lily and then chase Jamie around downstairs with a fleece lined jacket, hat and scarf on and I was ready to pass out with the heat! I soon cooled down when we headed off to nursery in driving sleet and wind, which Jamie thought was great fun. Lovely!

Later that morning Lily went down for her nap with no issues and I managed to get plenty of work done and some washing. The sun had come out and I had my fingers crossed that it would stay that way until I got Jamie home. And it did. The day was definitely looking up! Jamie had had a good morning playing, painting pictures and planting sunflowers which he apparently loved.  He came running out to give me a hug and he was holding a teddy bear in a backpack.  One of his teachers told me that this was Cuddles and today he gets to go home with Jamie for a sleepover. There was also a note in the bag for us to write down what adventures Jamie and Cuddles got up to and they could read it out to the rest of the class during circle time tomorrow morning. Jamie was so excited!

That afternoon Jamie was happy playing trains and Lego with Cuddles while Lily had a wee rest. I was surprised Jamie was spending so much time with the bear as he never really bothered with his own cuddly toys much. Even when he had his snack, I had to cut up more apple slices for Cuddles as well! It was all going so smoothly until Lily woke and I brought her downstairs – whereupon she spied Cuddles straight away. Jamie made the mistake of going to the toilet and left Cuddles lying on the floor in the sitting room. Lily was straight over and lifted Cuddles into her pram and walked around the hall and kitchen in circles with the bear. When Jamie appeared back he immediately noticed Cuddles wasn’t where he left him.

Then Lily walked straight past Jamie and he noticed Cuddles in the pram. This was going to be some screaming match I thought.

“Jesus Christ!” Jamie said as cool as you like.

“Eh, excuse me!” I roared.

Lily stopped in her tracks and Jamie looked up at me.

“Naughty words.” Jamie said before I even got a chance.

“That’s right Jamie, very naughty! We don’t say that.” I explained.

Jamie ran over to Lily’s pram and went to lift Cuddles out when Lily screamed at the top of her lungs and nearly broke the windows! Jamie got such a fright, he jumped back and started to cry.

Fox ache. We need two of everything in this house. I bided my time and waited for the opportunity to snatch Cuddles and hide him away before either one of them noticed. It worked too. Out of sight, out of mind. Well at least for the next hour or so.

Later on while I was making dinner, the kids were occupied watching Iggle Piggle when they did a nightime story with a teddy bear and then the penny dropped with Jamie.

“Mummy? Cuddles?” Jamie asked.

“Oh, err, I think he’s sleeping.” I said in anticipation of him getting upset.

“Where’s Cuddles mummy?” He asked while starting to cry.

“Okay, I’ll go wake him up.” I replied, not wanting to experience a meltdown while I was in the middle of trying to make the dinner. Thankfully, Lily wasn’t one bit interested in Cuddles this time. Meltdown averted! And the following morning it was time to return Cuddles back to nursery. I also handed in Jamie’s note on his and Cuddles adventures – minus the profanities!

We had a jam-packed weekend ahead of us and the kids were going to have a ball. We had friends coming over on Friday night for a takeaway and some drinks and I had booked tickets for The Baby Shark Show ages ago for James, the kids and me for the Saturday. James was busy on Sunday doing a few jobs around the house, while the kids and I did the weekly shop.

Saturday morning. I wasn’t too bad but James was feeling a bit worse for wear. After a late Friday evening of several a couple of drinks and plenty of laughs, it was hard enough to get up at the usual 7am morning wakeup call from two small humans, never mind the thought of having to endure two hours of “Baby Shark doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo!” and a theatre full of screaming kids! Plus, I hadn’t actually reminded James that it was this week. I thought he took it reasonably well..

“Aw Jesus Christ are you joking? Is that this weekend? Are you sure?” He asked.

“Err, No, Yes, and Yes, in that order.” I replied.

We arrived at the shopping centre next to the theatre and headed in for a Jamie and Lily special – a burger, chips and a chocolate milkshake. The place was packed with families all with the same idea going for something to eat before the show. The kids were so excited. Lily didn’t have a clue what was going on but didn’t care as she was happy enough with a burger in her hand. Jamie on the other hand was singing Baby Shark already.

With only five minutes to spare, we made our way into the theatre and got to our seats. The theatre was full to capacity and I was glad we left it to the last minute to arrive as Jamie and Lily weren’t for sitting in their seats for long!

Then the lights dimmed, the curtains opened and ‘Baby shark, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo!’

Jamie and Lily’s faces just lit up and they both started singing and smiling.

“How long is this on for?” James asked.

“Two hours I think.” I replied with a smile.

An hour and a half later, the lights came on and we got a happy, tired Jamie and Lily out to the car. Two minutes more and the pair of them were snoring in their seats. Job done!

“Have we any Panadol in the house?” James asked.

The following morning, James went outside to do a couple of jobs in the garden while Jamie,  Lily and I pottered about in the house. A short while later, James landed into the kitchen totally soaked and frozen.

“Jesus, it’s Baltic out there!” James said.

“Jeezus!” Shouts Lily. I glared at James.

“Whoops!”  James said.

“Jeeee...” Jamie went to say and then stopped, knowing he was about to say a naughty word.

“Good boy Jamie.” I said.

“Shit!” Jamie replied.


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