The Mummy Diaries: Two babies – Week 29

The Mummy Diaries: Two babies – Week 29

by Emma Hargan
article from Monday 7, January, 2019

THE FIRST WEEK back to the old routine and I have to say James and I were kind of glad to see it. Another week of red wine, chocolate, peanuts and crisps and I would be needing a bigger pair of jeans. Jamie on the other hand? Not so impressed. I think he has spent more time this week looking up at the fridge like a little lost puppy. And before you ask, no. He’s not on a diet but the Christmas cake is finished and so are the mince pies. The end of Jamie’s world!

We have had to introduce new routines and a few changes to keep Jamie’s mind occupied on something other than eating cake. Lily has now officially started on the solid food and is doing brilliantly. My only worry is, what the heck is our food bill going to be like when they are both grown up a bit? Jamie eats like a horse and Lily is like watching something out of Jurassic Park when she’s eating. So far, we’ve tried banana porridge, carrots, potatoes, apples, peaches and a blended-up chicken dinner. All devoured within a matter of minutes and she then scoffs a 4oz bottle afterwards!

So, with Lily getting on great and needing the high chair, we decided that instead of buying another chair, we would introduce Jamie to sitting up at the table with us at mealtimes. Oh, he took to this like a duck to water. I was thinking he’d be up and down at the table and trying to take food through to the sitting room, but no. He sits on his chair until all his food and drink is finished and even hands me his plate when he’s done. Wow! I felt bad then for thinking this was going to be hard work. But then maybe I was being premature, it was a novelty to start with, maybe after a day or two he would get used to it and start acting up? Wrong again.

That was, until he saw someone else sitting in his high chair.

I had just been feeding Lily on my knee as it was handier to begin with and to make sure she was sitting upright while she was eating. Lily can’t quite sit up on her own without the cushions around her yet so I wanted to wait a week or so before trying her in the high chair. I decided to wait until the weekend so James would be home and get the high chair sorted so that Lily was safe. So, with Jamie upstairs having his nap, I got Lily’s lunch sorted and a wee bottle and got her strapped into the chair. All smiles, she was loving being up high and watching everything. I put her bib on and the excitement was getting too much for her then as she knew it was feeding time and the mouth was open already! 

She scoffed the lunch and would have eaten the spoon if I let her! I was just getting her bottle organised when I heard Jamie had woken. James went upstairs and lifted him out of his cot and brought him down to us. Jamie was smiling until he noticed that Lily was in his chair. He just stopped and stared at her. If looks could kill, Lily would have dropped! Then the build-up... It starts with a red face, then the deep breaths, then he does the Riverdance, and then finally – the roaring and screaming like a banshee. Lily nearly jumped out of her skin and of course started crying then too. 

For God’s sake! I wish my only problem in the world was someone was sitting in my chair! After a few tears and some harsh words (that baby swearing stuff again) Jamie calmed down and I got him to sit up at the table like a big boy and gave him a whole apple. Now, I usually slice an apple up for Jamie but if I did that after a tantrum, it would have been launched across the room. So just to keep the peace and to restore a bit of calm, I fired an apple on his lap, thinking he would just take a couple of bites out of it, get bored and leave it. But on the other hand, this is Jamie we’re talking about. When does he ever leave food? Never. And this would be no exception.

15 minutes later and he was still chomping on the apple. I took Lily out of the high chair and got her changed and settled in her bouncer so she could have a wee snooze after guzzling all that grub. I looked around and Jamie was lying back in the chair and looked like he was in a food coma! I went over to him and he just smiled at me, jumped off the chair and ran into the sitting room to play with his toys. I looked down at the floor, behind the chair and went over to check his hands but no apple! He had eaten the entire thing – core and all! The only evidence left was a little brown stalk lying on the table. Fantastic, he’s eating something that is actually healthy. My delight was short lived until James looked at me and said, “He takes after you!” Bloody charming.

The next few days passed with no more issues or tantrums over the high chair and they were both getting on great with the new eating routine. Jamie was enjoying having the independence of getting in and out of his chair. Lily was enjoying new tastes and it didn’t take her long to figure out that the high chair means feeding time. James was enjoying hearing how they were getting on when we were having dinner. He suggested that maybe it was time to take the bars off the side of Jamie’s cot and let him sleep in it as a single bed. I was thinking this wasn’t such a great idea. We’ll be running up and down the stairs all night trying to get him to stay in his bed. I suppose though, it had to be done sooner or later and if it didn’t work, we could put the side back up. In the middle of James and I discussing how we were going to do this, Jamie lifts his dinner plate up to me. I stood up and took the plate off him and he turned to me and says, “Good boy!” 

James and I looked at each other and I nearly fell over! Jamie’s first organised words. I always take his dishes away and tell him he’s a good boy but he must have decided to get in there before me that night. I nearly cried.

The following morning, James went off to work and Jamie was sitting up at the table eating his cornflakes. I was sitting with him feeding Lily her bottle when he started singing Baby Shark and doing the actions. My jaw dropped. Where was this coming from? No words or chatting or anything and then in the space of 14 hours, we were getting chat and songs! It was so lovely to hear his wee voice and I made such a fuss of him. When James phoned at lunchtime, I was telling him all about what Jamie had done and he couldn’t believe it either. Of course, when James came home, I tried to get Jamie to sing and he just looked at me like I was a nutter. It wasn’t until I took Jamie up for his bath and he started to sing again that James heard him. Thank God, as I think James was starting to think I was nuts too!

Saturday night and the cot to bed test. The start of a long night? James went up to take the bars off his cot before I was to take Jamie up for his bath. I was chasing Jamie around the house trying to tire him out as much as possible but to be honest, I think I was more wrecked than Jamie. I took Jamie upstairs into his bedroom to get his pj’s and he never even noticed the change. Bath time done, the Gruffalo read, downstairs to give Daddy a kiss and then back up to his room. I gave Jamie a kiss and got him snuggled into his bed. He rolled over and pulled the covers up. I walked out, closing the stairgate on his bedroom door and stood for a few minutes expecting to hear footsteps.


I went into our bedroom and started putting washing away to kill a bit of time. Another 10 minutes passed.

Still nothing.

Weird. OK, he probably hears me just outside the room door, so I went downstairs to James and Lily, thinking I would be back up in no time.

Half an hour passed and no noise at all. “Should I go up and check on him?” I asked James.

James replied, “You might wake him, why don’t you wait another 20 minutes and go then?”

I was poised at the bottom of the stairs, desperate to see how Jamie was getting on. I had visions of him doing a Mission Impossible and finding him on top of the wardrobe or swinging from the light and that’s why there was no floor noise! As I walked to his bedroom door, I was expecting to hear the scatter of feet shoot across the room and launch himself into the bed! I couldn’t have been more wrong. The wee soul was out cold, sleeping in the exact position I left him in and snoring away – like a baby! Result!

Oh, I couldn’t be prouder of the two of them this week. Some big changes and they have just rolled with it and taken to it all no bother at all. Even though I should be chuffed to bits, I’m a little sad too. It’s so nice having the three of us sitting at the table for our dinner and Jamie is getting himself into bed, but there is now a little boy standing in front of me. Where has my wee baba gone? The time passes so quickly and I understand now it’s so important to enjoy every moment and stage with them, because once it’s gone, it’s gone.

The following evening, when we were sitting having our dinner, James says to me, “Maybe we should cut back a bit on Jamie’s sweets and stuff he got for Christmas?”

“ Yeah”, I replied, “I’ll keep the sweets for a treat at the weekend.” He’s coped with all the other changes no bother, I’m sure he could handle a wee diet?

After dinner, James was feeding Lily and I was getting the dishes tidied up and started to make James lunch. I placed his lunchbox on the worktop and was putting in the usual stuff – a yoghurt, a banana, a sausage roll and some fruit. I was finishing making James a sandwich and went to put it in the lunchbox when I noticed the box was gone?! I knew I still had a bit of baby brain but I was beginning to think I had full blown Alzheimer’s at this point when I noticed a pair of feet sticking out from under the stairs. I crept up and there was Jamie getting stuck into the yoghurt out of James’ lunchbox.

Sitting at the table? No problem. 

Sleeping in a big bed? Easy!

Telling Jamie he’s going on a diet? NO CHANCE!

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