The Mummy Diaries: Two babies – Week 15

The Mummy Diaries: Two babies – Week 15

by Emma Hargan
article from Tuesday 2, October, 2018

THANKFULLY this week we were back to normal after Jamie’s sick episode. Screaming matches, running around the house butt-naked, hiding the car keys, climbing on everything, slamming doors and generally wrecking the house. Yes - Jamie was back to normal.

It’s a strange feeling to watch your wee boy slowly wreck the house and actually smile about it. I was so relieved to have the wee man feeling better and even more relieved to see that Lily had managed to avoid it. This is a total miracle as usually Jamie doesn’t even acknowledge that Lily exists. However, it’s typical that when he’s sick, Jamie is slobbering all over her blankets and stealing her toys and dummies out of her crib. 

Last week would have been a good time to take out shares in Dettol. The house was honking with it but I was so worried Lily was going to catch that awful Slapped Cheek and she’s still so tiny, she wouldn’t have handled it as well as Jamie. Mission accomplished - until the next siege!

So after last week’s handlings, it would be great to have a nice quiet week. HA!

I was looking forward to getting Jamie back to creche on Wednesday as by that stage he was climbing the walls in the house – yes literally. I had so much to do in the few hours Jamie was away and I was hoping that Lily would settle and just sleep so I could get the house clean and tidy. The reason for this was the Public Health Nurse had arranged to come to the house on Thursday to do Lily’s three-month check-up. Thank God she never made an appearance last week! The house looked like something out of Beirut and with the stench of Dettol she would have thought I was trying to cover up a dead body! I thought if the kids gave me time, I would try and do as much as possible at the start of the week so that I wouldn’t have as much to do. Unfortunately, I was lucky to get a shower never mind anything else!

On Wednesday morning, we had our usual rush getting ready but we were actually out the door early. After dropping James off, we arrived at the creche in good time and Jamie was so excited to be going in. He did his usual shy spell when we walked in, but the girls soon got him interested with toys and told me to head on while he was busy. I walked out and peered through the wee window in the door and there was Jamie playing away, content. Excellent!

Lily had nodded-off in the car on the way home so I carefully lifted her out of the car seat and into her crib trying not to disturb her. Result! Right, on with the jobs. I have exactly 3 and a half hours to get this place ship shape, prepare dinner for tonight, feed Lily, grab a shower and wash my hair so I don’t look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards. No problem…

Washing on, upstairs dusted and hoovered. Spuds peeled and dinner in the slow cooker. Three hours to go.

Downstairs toys tidied up (crammed into the cupboard), dusted and hoovered. Two hours to go.

Floors washed, me - out of the shower, hair dried and straightened. Half an hour left.

Feed Lily. DONE!

On the way back to the creche to lift Jamie, I was feeling class and accomplished. I had managed to gut the house and get more done in just over three hours than I would normally get done all week. Ok, so most of the toys and stuff lying out I managed to cram into the hall cupboard but I can sort all that out properly on Friday morning after I had got the nurses visit done and dusted!

Lily had conked out in the car again on the way to lift Jamie so I left her snoozing while I quickly ran in and collected the wee man. He had had a ball as usual. I got a huge smile and cuddle when I walked in through the door and the girls said they had been outside playing. She casually says, ‘Oh he’s a bit of a climber isn’t he?’ I smiled and said he has been known to climb occasionally. She then began to tell me that one member of staff was outside watching six kids and another member of staff just having to watch and run about after Jamie! I was mortified. At least if nothing else, I was getting my money's worth! I got Jamie out and into the car and headed for home. The poor wee soul was wrecked after his busy morning, he crashed out on the way home as well. Sorted! The house was spick and span, and both kids were out cold, I might get a chance to put my feet up for half an hour.

That afternoon I got a chance to get a bit of work done and relax with a cup of tea and watch a bit of catch up TV. I would usually have more chance of winning the lottery than have moments like that so I grabbed it while I could. Naturally of course when James came home and asked what we were up too, I never mentioned that I’d spent half the day chilling. As far as he’s concerned a woman's work is never done, which in fairness, it usually isn’t! 

The following morning, it was D-day. I had no idea when the nurse was planning on arriving, I just knew from her voicemail that she would be calling in at some point that day. So with that at the back of my mind, I was running about after Jamie so the house looked like Disney on Ice for when she arrived. 

After lunch, I got Jamie changed and up to his room for his nap. I had just put the kettle on when the doorbell rang. Great, job done! Jamie was sleeping when the nurse arrived so I could concentrate on Lily and speaking to the nurse without the wee man tearing about the place. The nurse walked in and sat down at the kitchen table cooing at Lily who was happily lying in her bouncer. After all her checks, Lily now weighs almost a stone – just perfect. I was so happy to hear she was making great progress. So, while she was here, I thought I would ask about Jamie. I mentioned that he still wasn’t really chatting yet and was it normal for him to be occasionally climbing up on the chairs and breaking the odd toy? (I didn’t want to jump in with he’s climbing the walls on a daily basis and destroying the house!). 

The nurse advised me that yes, it was totally normal (especially for wee boys) to be climbing on everything at this stage. Also, not to be worrying about Jamie’s speech just yet. As long as he understands what I am saying, he’ll start chatting when he’s good and ready. I replied that Jamie knows exactly what I’m saying (as when I’m roaring at him to stop licking the plates in the dishwasher or to come over to get his nappy changed - he legs it as fast as he can). I didn’t mention the latter to the nurse!

Right on cue, we hear a cry from upstairs. Jamie had woken from his nap. The nurse asked if she could see him quickly before she left. ‘Of course!’ I tentatively replied. Oh God, please be good until she leaves!

I walked into Jamie’s room and there he was standing smiling at me from his cot with no trousers on! Jesus!! I grabbed him and quickly got him dressed before walking him down the stairs. The nurse started to chat to Jamie but as usual, he did his wee shy thing and hid behind my leg. After a few moments of the nurse blethering to him, he soon came round and walked over to her smiling. She asked Jamie to bring her a toy – which he did. She asked Jamie to get his shoes – which he did. Phew! She seemed happy enough and I was so relieved Jamie had decided to be on his best behaviour in front of her. 

The visit had gone so well, the nurse told me as she was walking out of the door that she wouldn’t need to see Lily again until March next year and that if Jamie still wasn’t saying a few words by Christmas, to give her a ring and we can talk about the next stage then, but not to be worrying as it’s common enough. Aw, totally delighted! I shut the front door and nearly jumped out of my skin at the noise of an almighty crash! I turned to find Jamie lying underneath all the crap I had shoved into the hall cupboard from tidying the day before. I had forgotten to put the safety catch on the door and the wee monkey had opened the door. ‘What the hell……!!!’ There he was, sitting smiling and Lily roaring her head off in the background with the fright.

I couldn’t help but smile with relief. Yes, relief of course that Jamie hadn’t hurt himself – but more so that it happened after the bloody nurse had left!

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