Brexit betrayal – a week we shall never forget

Brexit betrayal – a week we shall never forget

by Ivor Tiefenbrun
article from Thursday 14, June, 2018

THERESA MAY’S compromises this week to secure a Pyrrhic victory and keep herself in office, broke with established British constitutional practice and shot her Government in the head. In the end Parliament betrayed its duty to the electorate, and the Prime Minister destroyed, if she ever wanted to, her ability to honour the voters' expressed will.

The rebel Tory MPs call themselves Unionists and yet ignore a referendum vote just like the Scottish nationalists.

The rebels seek to weaken the UK’s negotiating stance. they side with Labour’s  arch-leftist Jeremy Corbyn and help the Nationalists validate their arguments for ignoring the independence result and demand another one. Yet these same MPs still expect to retain the votes of the majority of the electorate who voted for the Union and Brexit – and whose views they treat with open contempt!

This exercise in egocentric vanity and open surrender to foreign vested interests runs counter to the voters’ expression of the national will and is beyond stupidity.

If the Tories concede to the rebels and remove the possibility of crashing out of the EU – which many favour above other options – they are also removing our strongest negotiating lever; undermining democracy; and committing their country to servitude and vassal status under the EU’s terms and control. Ultimately, and most probably they will deliver a ruinous Corbyn Government.  

May is personally responsible for this debacle, but the Tory MPs who betrayed us to the dictatorial centralising leftist EU have clearly forgotten that they are, if only by default, the sole remaining bastion of the British democratic constitutional and free enterprise system that alone can guarantee our economic future and security.  Tories and Labour all stood on a platform of taking us out of the Single Market and Customs Union and now they are both selling out that explicit commitment.

If ever there was a time for a new Party this is it.  It most likely would split the Tory vote and help give Corbyn power – but the majority of the British people clearly have no alternative now unless May retains the option to leave the EU without a deal, rather than grant veto powers to those that seek to overturn the referendum result.  

We should all remember this week, it is almost certainly when the possibility of an independent democratic Britain and its freedom died.  Murdered by those cowardly and servile Tory and Labour politicians, who are more devoted to the EU and its scaremongering supporters than they are to the UK, they are determined to ignore both the voters and their own recent solemn and binding Manifesto pledges.

No terms the EU now offers that this Parliament’s traitors to the electorate would find acceptable will avoid betrayal and servitude.

Those who wished for this outcome and have no faith in our ability to accept responsibility for our own future and live successfully under our own law, will live to rue the day they placed their own personal self-interest, convictions and opinions above the electorate’s express wishes – and the rest of us will never forget or forgive their infamy.


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