An artists's diary: Winter in the wild

An artists's diary: Winter in the wild

by Charles Harris
article from Saturday 4, March, 2017

THE SUN arose that morning blazing above the overnight snow, all afire under a layer of thick purple cloud. 

At first the glowing sun spread low, turning the edges of that lower cloud to a vivid orange and burnt the cold cloud above with iridescent red. While as the brightening sun showed itself, the snow was touched and delicately stained to crimson, as it gently coloured the view within its sight. 

Then surprisingly all stopped, and the sun began to disappear again, lighting the blacks in the tree to burgundy in the process. 

Far away in the distant horizon, new violet cloud simply replaced a perfect raging mass. At that same moment and all about, large white snowflakes danced and fell. They fluttered like petals in white contrast to the sky, which quickly darkened again.  And elsewhere amid a loss of colour, these sparkling snowflakes transformed the little road and the world around my house into a magic land, fit even for a fairy princess.                                                                                                                                                                                             

I have painted this view before, this winter glory. It is always a great delight, a treat for the eye and the spirit, although it’s always cold - for you cannot paint it inside!

Charles Harris

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